The prices for the morning/evening Mysore class

  • Drop in single class : 450,000VND
  • 4 times ticket / within 30days : 1,400,000VND
  • 8 times ticket / within 30days: 2,600,000VND
  • 3 times per week x 4weeks : 2,400,000VND
  • 4 times per week x 4weeks : 2,900,000VND

<online class>

  • Drop in single class : 300,000VND
  • 4 times ticket / within 30days : > 1,000,000VND
  • Unlimited monthly (4times per week x 4 weeks) : 1,600,000VND

<Ashtanga Yoga Beginner>

  • Drop in single class: 450,000VND
  • 4times / within 30days: 1,600,000VND

Please note that all first-time to Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore Style are REQUIRED to purchase a Beginner’s Introduction Pass.>> Please contact me about Beginner’s Class.

For registration, please contact me at least one day in advance if you join the Mysore class.

Cash, transfer to a bank account is acceptable. (VND Currency only)
We do not accept credit cards, sorry for any inconvenience.

More Information
Contact: (Naomi)

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