Hi! Currently Ashtanga Yoga Hanoi holding Pre-Mysore program (Mini Mysore class). This class is for new to Mysore class, and purpose to get used with the practice in Mysore class.

Pre Mysore program will suit those who want to learn Ashtanga Yoga, or can start practicing even without any knowledge of yoga.
In this Pre Mysore program, a preparatory step to participate in the Mysore class, basic knowledge of practice, breathing methods, gaze point, will be explained and practiced.
Just taking the one or two classes a month is not enough to learn Ashtanga Yoga. So first try to practice for a month and decide if you can keep going.

Every Tue, Thur, Sat
Tue, Thur: 6:00am~7:00am Sat: 7:00am~8:00am

Nhà 7c ngõ 52 /28  Đường Tô Ngọc Van
Space is limited, please ask me if you like attend the class.

Please contact me at least one day in advance if you want to attend this class!!

  • No Mysore class on New and Full moon, Vietnam public Holidays.
  • Please do not eat 3 hours before practice.
  • Please take 3 days holiday during menstruation.
  • Start off with Surya Namaskaras and your teacher will add postures to your practice on an individual basis according to each practitioner’s needs, factoring in all circumstances.

Ashtanga yoga Hanoi is welcome at any time a participation of those who have never done any yoga before. However, please continue practice at least for the first month.

The first month of the practice is a very important for a beginner. Because it’s necessary to have continuous practice in order to understand process and basic foundation of ashtanga yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga Intro class is available !!

This class is geared towards beginners and those with no yoga experience at all who want to gain an understanding of Ashtanga Yoga. Please contact me if you are interested in Ashtanga Yoga intro class.

More Information
Contact: (Naomi)

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